About MIAMI GARDENS Rehabilitation Center

State-of-the-art approaches to addiction therapy and years of experience are only the beginning of what you can expect at the MIAMI GARDENS Rehabilitation Center. Every member of our staff is dedicated to finding the best treatment approach for your addiction. We understand your difficult struggle with alcohol and drugs. We will design an individualized treatment plan specifically for you to help you confront your dependence.

The cost of your addiction can seem overwhelming. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that substance abuse costs more than $600 billion annually from health care, lost work, and criminal activity. In your life, we know that the related costs can leave you with little hope. The MIAMI GARDENS Rehabilitation Center wants you to believe in the best of you again. We believe that overcoming your addiction is possible, starting today!

Our team is committed to working for you to make sure that every day is a day not wasted on an addiction that you can overcome. From detox to learning to deal with your addiction, the world-class professionals at the MIAMI GARDENS Rehabilitation Center are committed to helping you realize a better life. You can beat heroin and cocaine. You can beat methamphetamines and prescription painkillers. You can beat alcohol. We want to stand with you as you succeed in conquering substance abuse.

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Drug Rehabilitation Center

Drug addiction exists in many forms. Our team is experienced with cocaine, heroin, prescription painkillers, methamphetamines, and a variety of other substances.

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Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Alcohol dependence requires a holistic response. The professionals at the MIAMI GARDENS Rehabilitation Center will address both the physical and mental attributes associated with alcohol recovery.

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Dual Dependency Rehabilitation Center

If you are struggling with simultaneous alcohol and drug addictions, we can help. The dedicated staff at the MIAMI GARDENS Rehabilitation Center is able to address the multiple addictions with cutting-edge methods designed specifically for you.

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